Everything you need to know about That Girl Lay Lay and her new Nickelodeon show

Haven’t heard of Alaya “That Girl Lay Lay” High? Just you wait: The 14-year-old rapper is about to blow up, thanks to a new eponymous Nickelodeon show (out now with new episodes on Thursdays!) about an avatar from a personal affirmation app who comes to life to help her BFF Sadie navigate high school.

GL: What is your morning routine?

Alaya: Every morning, I check my horoscope. It really helps me see how my day is going to go.

GL: What is your zodiac sign?

Alaya: I’m an Aquarius and I’m just so free. I do what makes me happy and I don’t really hold back.

GL: How do you go for your goals? 

Alaya: One of my biggest goals was to have my own TV show. I manifested it. It’s like, ‘This is who I want to be; this is what I want to see.’ I write down what I want from the universe in my notebook, or I speak it out.

GL: How do you hope to use your platform to raise awareness?  

Alaya: My song "Rich" deals with fear of police among kids in the Black community. I want to bring awareness to it because I’ve been in that situation. When I was younger, my dad and my godfather were held at gunpoint by two police officers. It really hurts to see that it’s continuing to happen today. I try to bring positivity to younger kids because it takes a toll on us.

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Images: @thatgirllaylay.


by Kayleigh Roberts | 10/7/2021