EXCLUSIVE! Gabrielle Nevaeh Green spills *all* on her brand-new Nickelodeon show

OK, we're *so* obsessed with Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, the spectacular star currently lighting up our screens in Nickelodeon's creative new comedy That Girl Lay Lay

In the hilarious series (which premiered Sept. 23), Gabrielle stars as Sadie, a shy student whose confident moments come from her personal affirmation app avatar Lay Lay. When Lay Lay (played by IRL That Girl Lay Lay) magically comes to life, these two besties have to navigate the ups and downs of school, friendship and so much more. 

We're loving this girl-powered vibe, so we *had* to get allll the deets from Gabrielle on the show, how she relates to Sadie and so much more...

Girls' Life: What's That Girl Lay Lay about?

Gabrielle: It's about a girl named Sadie, who's really struggling in life at the moment. She's a wallflower and doesn't have a lot of friends at school—so she has this positive affiirmation app that's, like, her best friend. When she's alone in her room one night, Sadie wishes that Lay Lay from the app could be real.

And of course—with Nickelodeon magic—Lay Lay becomes real. They become absolute best friends and Lay Lay is always pushing Sadie to take herself out of her comfort zone. I think that's really the magic of the show, seeing the dynamic of Lay Lay being so hyper and out-of-the-box, and Sadie trying to contain whatever mess Lay Lay has created as best as she can.

Girls' Life: How do you relate to Sadie and Lay Lay?

Gabrielle: I definitely relate to Lay Lay's character—I love performing and she's always rapping on the show, I love making new friends and I'm very much an extrovert. But we all have those moments when we're anxious and insecure and unsure, and I think that's what people are going to love about Sadie—you see yourself in her. You see how it's OK to be nervous or feel anxious and still get the job done. Plus, Sadie loves school and so do I.

Girls' Life: What's your favorite school subject?

Gabrielle: Science and English are my top two. I've always loved to write and I'm super interested in the world around me.

Girls' Life: One scene from the show you're super excited for people to see?

Gabrielle: The first episode! We had three days to shoot that one—we usually have two—and there's this huge dance sequence. Lay Lay and I would learn it and the next day they'd be like, "Oh yeah, we're changing the dance sequence," and we'd be like, "Nooo, we just got it!" It was *so* much fun. Definitely also look out for some magic and a really cool animal coming up this season, too.

Girls' Life: How was working with the *actual* Lay Lay?

Gabrielle: Awesome. Lay Lay and I are really close friends in real life so it didn't take too much acting on either of our parts to be onscreen BFFs.

Girls' Life: How would it feel to tell your younger self you're the star of a Nickelodeon show?

Gabrielle: I probably wouldn't believe it. When I was in sixth grade, I was very much like Sadie—really nervous and anxious and I didn't really fit in anywhere. I'd be really proud of myself that I'm now playing this character who reflects who I used to be but is so far from who I am today. Really proud and just really excited.

Girls' Life: Finally, advice you'd give girls this school year?

Gabrielle: I would say—it's OK. It's OK if you didn't get that grade you wanted on that test, if you didn't make the volleyball team, if so-and-so doesn't want to be your friend. It's only a moment in time. Don't take it too seriously because we're only this age once. Enjoy life as much as you can.

Artist? "Justin Bieber, Lizzo and Ariana Grande."
Snack? "Purple grapes. And, for dessert, chocolate."
Fashion trend? "Platform sneakers and bright colors."

Catch That Girl Lay Lay, Thursdays on Nickelodeon!

Image: Parts of this interview were edited and condensed for clarity.

by Katherine Hammer | 10/1/2021