EXCLUSIVE! Young Sheldon's Raegan Revord talks acting, animals and more

Raegan Revord is seriously on our radar for her comedic chops, amaze love for animals and so much more—and we know you're going to heart her, too. Keep reading to learn *all* about the Young Sheldon star, from her performing role models to her future dreams...

Girls' Life: How'd you start acting? 

Raegan: I've always enjoyed entertaining—whether it was getting dressed up or putting on a musical with my friends. When I got the opportunity to guest star on Modern Family, I knew I was going to be an actress. I love absolutely everything about it. I would—and still do!—ask so many questions about what goes on behind the camera, too. The vibes of being on set and creating something, surrounded by so many talented people, are just amazing. 

Girls' Life: Tell us about your experience acting on Young Sheldon

Raegan: It's been one of the best experiences in my entire life. I feel like I just really *became* an actor—and I just love being on the show. Even though I'm a bit older than [my character] Missy, I feel like we're going through the same things as we navigate middle school and all the things that go along with that.

One thing I love about Missy is how relatable she is—she has an amazing sense of humor and always makes me laugh. Every week when the script comes in, I automatically rush to read it because it makes me laugh so much. There's something in every scene that makes me burst out laughing. 

Girls' Life: Who are your acting role models? 

Raegan: Reese Witherspoon—she brings women to the forefront of everything she does and shows how you can be amazing at so many different pursuits. And Annie Potts, she's such a talented actress and I look up to her as a performer and a TV grandma. It's such an honor to be able to work with her and have her in my life.

Girls' Life: And when you're not acting, you love working with animals. 

Raegan: Yes! I have four amazing rescue dogs. One day it's my dream to have a farm full of rescue animals. I love horses, dogs, everything about animals, honestly! They're such happy and lovable creatures. 

If you're passionate about animals, too, definitely start with your local shelter and see what you can do to volunteer and help. Even small things, like donating towels or a blanket, can be so helpful. 

Girls' Life: Finally, what's your dream role for the future?

Raegan: I love sci-fi, Marvel, Harry Potter and Star Wars—so I'd love to be in something like that. 

Fave music rn? "Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, classic rock and Broadway."
Fave Broadway musical? "Hamilton—I know *all* the songs."
What are you watching? "My dad and I just finished Shadow and Bone."
Go-to style? "Sweatsuits are my thing. I live in them."
Fun fact? "I cannot blow a bubble!"

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Photo by Shane McCauley. Styling: Erin Walsh. Hair: Matthew Collins. Makeup: Jenna Kristina. Parts of this interview were edited or condensed for clarity.

by Katherine Hammer | 5/13/2021