Your monochrome summer outfit inspo

Low-effort? Check. Simple, stylish and stunning? Check!

There's a reason we've been seeing monochrome outfits gracing red carpets and street fashion roundups alike: Styles featuring one shade in the starring role are easy to throw together *and* chic enough for the runway, making them the perfect minimal-effort-maximal-reward look for your summer glow-up. Keep scrolling for some of our fave takes on the single-color trend.

Double denim


We're calling it. Double denim is going to be one of this summer's trends (and we are *so* here for it). Stick to one shade for your jean jacket and shorts/skirt combo, or mix it up with a dark and light wash for a twist on the one-color look.

Shirt and skirt


Simple is the name of the game with monochrome fits, and it doesn't get much easier than a tank and a skirt or pants in a matching color! (Ditto for matching patterns, like a floral shirt and shorts.) Besides the shared shade, go for clothes with similar vibes like this flowy shirt-and-skirt combo (and don't forget shoes, ofc!).

Accessories count


Don't forget bags, shoes and jewelry when planning your monochrome GRWM. Try pairing your clothes with accessories in a similar shade, or keep your clothes to one color and your accessories to another for a fabulous two-color fit.

Different shades


Don't have two pieces in the same exact shade? For a fit in the same color family, opt for two hues next to each other on the color wheel, like red and pink or green and blue. Your look will still have one-color vibes with just enough variety to make everything pop.

Monochrome with a twist


Style rule rebel? For your own unique spin on the trend, go for a pairing with a matching base color but different patterns or silhouettes (i.e. loose flowy top and tight pants, or vice versa) for a look that's cohesive but varied.

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by Ava Slocum | 6/12/2024