TikTok's 333 method is all you need to create your capsule wardrobe

Trends may come and go, but a capsule wardrobe stays timeless. With fashion trends coming in and out like a revolving door, it seems nearly *impossible* to put together an outfit these days.

TikToker and fashion gal Rachel Spencer has created the "girl math of outfits" with the Top 3 Outfit method to start your perfect capsule wardrobe.

So how does it work?

The Top 3 Outfit Challenge (aka the 333 method) simplifies the process of choosing an outfit by encouraging you to create as many outfits as you can from a selection of three tops, three bottoms and three pairs of shoes. This styling approach not only saves time (and room in your suitcase!) but also inspires creativity and offers a variety of fits with a fresh perspective.

This method also promotes sustainability by promoting quality over quantity (a big win with Earth Day coming up). 

Ready to build your perfect capsule wardrobe?

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One could argue the perfect top sets the precedent for the rest of your outfit—and they would be right!

For your capsule wardrobe, consider a variety of short and long-sleeved shirts so you can mix and match based on the weather. Look for versatile, basic pieces that match with everything like a white button-down or black long-sleeve mock neck. A few other options? A basic cardigan, a sleeveless sweater vest or a mini tee. 


The key to picking bottoms for your 333 wardrobe? Don't try to match your bottoms *exactly* to your tops...and vice versa. For example, if you opt for more statement tops, curate a selection of neutral bottoms that can easily be paired with patterns or bright colors. 

A good combo usually consists of jeans (bonus points for wide-legged or flare), a tailored pair of trousers in black or beige and a skirt (long or mini depending on the vibe—and the temps where you live). 



Elevating any ensemble comes down to the accessories, and in this case, it's the shoes. We recommend a pair of laid-back lace-ups like Adidas Sambas or Converse, a pair of sandals (wedged or flat) and a pair of mini heels. 

Top image: @komal_nambiar
Slider image: @niasioux


by Megha Gupta | 4/12/2024