The top trends from London Fashion Week 2024

London Fashion Week, one of four iconic events on the global fashion calendar, just celebrated its 40th anniversary in grand style. The milestone anniversary was marked by extravagant catwalks and presentations as the industry came together to commemorate four decades of style evolution. 

3M X Momonary

Momonary made its London Fashion Week debut in a collaboration with 3M, a science-based technology company. The brand's Autumn/Winter 2024 collection was titled Mappa Mundi, meaning "map of the world," as a display of the connection between fashion and technology. Almost half of the designs incorporated 3M's thinsulate fabric, a light, insulating material. In neutral beiges and pale pinks, the collection featured organza flowers embroidered on pieces like mid-length coats and tailored trousers.

What's Trending? Pastel pink, floral accents, knee-high boots and mid-length coats


Jack Irving

Jack Irving is best known for his futuristic takes on fashion inspired by fantasy worlds and experimental technology—he's even styled Lady Gaga! This year, Jack's presentation was held in the heart of London in Spitalfields Market as a 15-minute repeat run of live models, hologram and AI film screenings. His designs experiment with larger-than-life shapes and digital hyper-realities. Three live models wore abstract pieces in various shades of blue. Short films of models wearing holographic fabric were projected onto fabric screens, while a digital presentation of an AI-curated skeletal design played on repeat.

Alexa, play "Applause" by Lady Gaga.

What's Trending? Shades of blue, oversized tops


Helen Anthony

Helen Anthony is known for bold colors and exquisite patterns (think: knit floral appliques). The label presented its show in London's Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel (in other words, a v. sophisticated presentation). Models donned tailored blazers, fitted bodysuits and sheer tights. Others wore voluminous draped coats and crocheted sweaters—while some sported sheer white tops, long leather skirts and satin midi dresses. And don't forget the primary color palette: bold reds, blues and yellows.

What's Trending? Primary colors, tailored suit jackets, trousers, leather jackets and oversized bags


Kanika Goyal

Kanika Goyal made her London Fashion Week debut with an upscale presentation in Marylebone. This show was titled Arc Echo—deconstructing gender stereotypes through free tailoring and rejecting rigid silhouettes. Models stood in pairs separated by a glass panel, each wearing a design from the label's Autumn/Winter collection. Denim was a staple, featured as jeans with stitched panels, long skirts lined with fabric and stitched coats. 

What's Trending? Oversized belt buckles, paneled jeans, denim skirts and slingback heels


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by Megha Gupta | 3/5/2024