This year's New York Fashion Week celebrated diversity and inclusivity

Tbh, we're still reminiscing about this year's New York Fashion Week. (The fits! The hair! The street style!) And one thing we loved about the runways this year? The fact that they were more diverse and inclusive than ever before—with many designers celebrating models of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities and collections brimming with cultural heritage.

ICYMI, we've got a quick recap of all the most meaningful discussions and catwalks. 

Collina Strada

Collina Strada has consistently used her shows as a platform to raise awareness for social issues and sustainability. For her Autumn-Winter 2024 collection, lead designer Hillary Taymour explored female strength by using outer pads to create muscle-like sleeves. The show was a callout to the fact that women's bodies are shaped by the male gaze.

The catwalk featured gals of all body types, pregnant women, moms with babies and even elderly women. Aaron Rose Philip, an Antiguan-American model with cerebral palsy, rocked the runway in a beautiful neon corset.



This year, Batsheva's show only featured models over the age of 40, calling attention to society's negativity toward older women and aging skin. In one look, designer Victoria Bartlett walked  the catwalk in a sweater with the word "hag." 77-year-old photographer Ming Smith also walked after Batsheva stopped her on the subway and asked her to participate. Batsheva's 75-year-old neighbor put the age debate to bed as she danced her way through a swan song.


BVFW and Franck Mille

Bovtiqve Fashion Week, a partnership of boutique owners, designers and more, highlighted their CEO and Creative Director Franck Mille's dedication to fighting for inclusivity in the fashion industry. His selection of up-and-coming designers who are breaking fashion standards was showcased at Union Square with models and designers from all backgrounds. The theme was individual expression—a commitment to identity and innovation.


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Top and slider image: @nyfw


by Megha Gupta | 2/29/2024