The complete 2023 Thanksgiving outfit lookbook

There's fall fashion...and then there's Thanksgiving fashion. Your Thanksgiving fit kind of has to be *the* fall fit of all your fall fits. Between running the Turkey Trot, rewatching some Friends episodes, tuning into a football game, picking up your college sibling, cooking in the kitchen and chatting with the fam, how could you possibly have time to find such a perfect outfit?

We've got you, girl.

Outfit 1: Stuffing & Sweats

Everyone does Thanksgiving a little differently. Some families go for the skirt-and-sweater autumnal dress code, and some subscribe to sweatpants-and-sweatshirts for laid-back vibes. DW, classy and comfy can happen at the same time, especially with this ensemble. The key is in the co-ord, like this sweater and these pants. Dress it up with a pair of dainty earrings and tie the whole outfit together with a headband to match the sweat set. For footwear, these UGG slippers will keep your toes warm 'n' cozy.

Outfit 2: Skirt & Dessert

Speaking of that skirt-and-sweater dress code: This J.Crew skirt is a timeless piece, perfectly suited for another timeless staple: a cream sweater. And don't forget to throw on these classic Ralph Lauren boots. For accessorizing, we'd suggest these statement bow earrings to bring some trendiness to your timelessness. Who says the hair bow trend should only be for, well, hair? 

Outfit 4: Prim & Pie

Make room for lots of pumpkin spice this year...but also a little Posh Spice (ask your mom to explain that reference). We love this J.Crew dress for a fancier Friendsgiving invite, paired with this stunning silver necklace and sparkly silver hoops. Rejoice, silver girlies! You can finish off the fit with these baby pink flats. (Hello, pink pilates princess aesthetic!) It's a safe bet that you rewatch the Thanksgiving Gossip Girl episode each year for that *iconic* supper showdown, which is even more reason to channel Blair Waldorf with this prim and proper number. 

Outfit 5: Caramel & Cardi

Ever wondered how Cinderella would've dressed up for Thanksgiving? Probably not, but maybe you should have, bc this fit's crystal blue hues will impress all the interrogative aunties wondering where your very own Prince Charming is this year (awkward as always). The foundation of the fit is this silvery cardigan (pro tip: layer up if you're in charge of some cooking so you can take off the cardi while you work) and classic jeans, but the cuteness is in the color: We love these blue dangly earrings and baby blue heels. See? Cinderella is actually the perfect Thanksgiving fashion inspo...after all, she does love pumpkins.

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Top image: @thesummeriturnedpretty and @primevideo
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by Kayla Conroy | 11/23/2023