Mena brings sustainability to New York Fashion Week with "From the Street" collection

All heads turn toward New York Fashion Week to figure out the fashion climate for the coming months. The unexpected trend this year saw? Sustainability.

The "From the Street" collection by Mena was a breath of fresh air at NYFW 2023. It showcased entirely repurposed clothing from what some might consider trash on the streets of New York. And if "From the Street" proved one thing, it's that one (wo)man's trash is another's treasure.

"I've been doing upcycling or recycling of previous clothing since I've been in school," said founder Chris Mena. His brand continues that practice. 

Photo by @whittybrielle

"From the Street" is a take on streetwear for the environmentally aware era of fashion. It's high-end fashion on one of fashion's biggest stages openly champions sustainability, turning the practice into art. 

"Less is more," Mena shared when asked about advice for young people regarding fashion and sustainability. "I think you can wear the same outfit over and over again." 

As many New York Fashion Week trends consciously or subconsciously creep into our closets, perhaps the philosophy of "From the Street" will influence your fashion habits for the better. 

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Slider image: @_madebymena
Top image: Photo by @whittybrielle


by Kayla Conroy | 9/18/2023