How to dress up your school uniform for St. Patrick's Day

Everyone loves an excuse to dress up for a holiday. While some schools with uniforms allow you to dress down for the day, others can be a bit more strict. But no matter your style situation, there are still tons of different ways to Irish-ify your fits! Since St. Patrick's Day falls during the week this year (a Friday, yay!), here are some adorable accessories you can use to dress up your school look—without breaking dress code. 

Shamrock Necklace and Earrings Set

Claire's, $13

Glam up your uniform with this matching shamrock gemstone set. It's okay if you aren't Irish—anyone can rock these pretty green gems.

Claddagh Ring

Claddagh Ring, $39

The Celtic design of the Claddagh ring is symbolic: the heart is a sign of love, the hands around it represent friendship and the crown above it symbolizes loyalty. If you're single, wear it on your right hand with the point of the heart facing out. If you're in a relationship, wear it on your right hand with the point facing in.

Clover Hair Clips

Target, $6

These little hair clips are sooo adorable *and* affordable! Use them to pin the front pieces of your hair back (bonus points if you braid them first) for a simple but cute hairstyle to make your personality shine. 

Hoop Earrings

H&M, $10

Get yourself a pair of solid green hoops that you can re-wear throughout the year. These big green earrings will make you feel extra festive for the holiday (maybe your uniform happens to have colors that match!). 

Green Floral Square Scarf

Forever 21, $10

Use this to tie your hair back, or simply knot it around your neck. The green floral design makes this piece perfect for the holiday...and for spring.

Green Nail Polish

Amazon, $14

Give yourself a dazzling green manicure this March! If you know how to do nail art, that would make this shimmery polish even more amaze. Bring on the shamrocks, bb.

Green Claw Clip

Cider, $6

This claw clip is fluffy and v. unique! It's perfect for holding your hair up throughout the school day.

Green Watch Band

Amazon, $8

If you have an Apple Watch, switching up your bands to match your outfits or holiday colors can be so much fun! Order a green band or a bundle of different colors to make you feel that much more put together in any szn.

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by Natalie Misyak | 3/15/2023