PROJECT RUNWAY: Face the Music

It’s down to the top 5. After taking a stroll down memory lane, I’m actually quite baffled with the mix of the final few contestants. Last night’s challenge, a PR fave repeat, was also one of my faves too! Did you get a chance to see the designers strut their stuff on the catwalk?
The Model Boot: 3 models had to get the ol’ axe-a-roo. And it wasn’t surprising that Kenley ditched her model for Joe’s. But who knew that Leanne could be so harsh and dump her model to steal Suede’s! It’s always the quiet ones I tell ya that are the deadliest.
During this week’s challenge, designers had to design for…dun, dun, dunn! Each other! Yes, all of us PR fanatics know this old song and dance way too well, but this season Bravo decided to add a li’l twist. The looks had to be inspired by a specific genre of music. Huh? At first I didn’t get this. I was totally picturing giant musical notes and people walking around as Styrofoam saxophones. Silly me.
Who’s who? Barely here by the skin of his teeth Suede designed a Rock ‘n’ Roll look for Jerell. Kenley got paired with Hip Hop Leanne (the perf recipe for disaster—totally rigged, Bravo!). Korto went Punk with Suede, Jerell got stuck with Popstar Kenley and last but not least, Leanne went down south Country with Korto (hilarious!).
Ahem! Can I just take a moment if I may to rant about girlfriend Kenley? Week after week, my dislike for K has grown deeper and deeper. But this week, the slowly burning fire has now erupted into an all out explosive hatred against her. Her rude ‘tude, defensive diva ways and lack of respect for authority (and the challenges for that matter), really tick me off. Are YOU feelin’ this chick?
As the designers were hard at work, Tim made his usual rounds. Moment of hilarity? When Tim took one look at Jerell’s fabric choices and screamed! LOL! Moment of insanity? When Tim and catty Kenley bumped heads during her critique sesh. I’ve never seen Tim’s face SO red! He looked like a tomato that was about to pop! Whose side were you on?
This week’s guest judge was “style icon” LL Cool J. Uhh…when did LL become a style icon? (pause) And on with the show…
Top 2: Korto designing for Suede; Jerell designing for Kenley
I agreed with the judges when they crowned Korto the challenge winner. Korto really did capture the whole Punk vibe with her bleached jeans and hardware. But I really didn’t get where the judges were coming from with Jerell’s Popstar look. Each judge raved over Jerell’s ability to make Kenley sexy without vulgarity. Um, what? It was a fishnet dress, people!
Just because I didn’t want to leave anyone out…Leanne designing for Korto

Meh. Really wasn’t feeling this look. Ya know when you’re thinking something but ya gosh darnit just can’t find the words to describe it? That’s exactly how I felt when I saw Korto. That is until MK busted out with “she looked like a woman going out to eat ribs.” Truer words have never been spoken. Tease out her hair, slap on some red press-ons and you’ve got it!
Bottom 2: Kenley designing for Leanne; Suede designing for Jerell

OMG! This bottom two was THE most intense ever. Judges couldn’t get a word in edgewise without Kenley shooting back her huff and puff. I was so surprised Nina didn’t get up and smack a sistah. But even though Hip Hop was far from her look and Heidi deemed Kenley’s pants as the worst pair she had ever seen, I LOVED Leanne’s drastic makeover. Her hair and makeup were too cute!
In the end, Suede’s lucky streak was over and Suede got the boot.
Next week, designers are shedding tears all around. It’s the last episode before the season finale, ladies. Who do YOU think will be the last 3 standing in Bryant Park? I just want Kenley out and Leanne in.
Peace in the Middle East,

9/25/2008 2:28:00 PM