Three Teen Fashion and Beauty Trends in 2008 That Will Carry Over to 2009!

1  If Hayden Panettiere can do it, so can you: bob your hair. Why? Bobbing your hair means framing your face—a chic and stylish move. If your hair is long, straight and healthy, that's great for your hair...but now the time to show off your face. Long, straight hair does anything but.

In fact, you'll rarely spot in France (the country with the first and last word in what's stylish) a woman with long locks. The French know that the person should wear the hair, not the hair wear the person. So snip away, girl! You'll be amazed at how your besties envy you for having been the courageous one.

And if you don't like it, it will always grow back—but we're betting you'll love it! (Pssst. Don't go too short, though. Buns—surely they'll be called something better than that!—are in for Spring 2009.)

2  Put on your-to-buy-list: Purple. Purple is wow and purple is now. Who doesn't want to wear a purple tiered maxi dress a la Blake Lively? Or, better, invest in a Tadashi Shoji look-alike one sleeve purple dress? We heart the As U Wish One Shoulder Dress ($68, One sleeve dresses will still be trendy in Spring 2009, so you'll be oh-so-fashionable for at least two seasons.

Other purple considerations: the Tamara Knit Dress ($45, and the Silence & Noise Knit One Shoulder Dress ($30, Purple equals royalty and you're sooo worth it.

3  White tops with denim—especially poet blouses, wrinkled oxfords (Women's 3/4-Sleeve Oxford Shirts, $25, and pin tuck tanks with cigarette jeans or skinny jeans—will be the "comfort food" of the fashion world and about as inexpensive-chic as you can get. Mix it up with fringe boots, a big handbag (faux Ostrich skin will do!), and an iPod or BlackBerry or Zune. This will be chic in Spring 2009...and beyond.

By: Sarah Gilbert-Fox
9/24/2008 4:46:00 PM