CHEAP & CHIC: Homecoming Dresses for Under $50

Pickin’ the perfect dress can be slightly less than a party. This year, we make finding a fantastic fall dress wayyy easier. GL has handpicked the best homecoming dresses to flatter any body type under the price of $50.
Your bod: A teeny waist and curvy hips.
Look for: Dresses that nip in the middle and bit of poof in the skirt. Tops with structure add to the bust if ya need it!
Pass by: Shift dresses (or any number that's straight up 'n' down) won't do anything to show off your cute curves!
Parker Cocktail Dress, $25,; Floral Lace Tulle Dress, $50,

Your bod:  Stick straight from your bust to your butt.
Look for: Romantic ruffles or pretty prints to add the illusion of curves.

Pass by: A too-simple one color dress. You wanna add oomph!

Tiered Ruffle Dress, $29,; Satin Ikat Dress, $42,

Your bod:  You're super-short...even sky-high heels won't help!
Look for: A skirt with cool cut-outs or a way-high waist. They'll add inches to your legs.

Pass by: Any dress that's just too long. Lotsa length may make you look shorter.

Sackrace Dress, $40,; Kitten Two Tone Dress, $40,

Your bod:  An ultra-tall sistah!
Look for: Great detailing up top (keeps 'em lookin' at your gorgeous smile) and longer hemlines.

Pass by: Anything that's too-too short and snoozer skirts (aka, dresses that lack pleating, ruffles or anything that's great and girly).

Georgia Dress, $40,; Johnny Martin Pleated Dress with Neck Tie, $45,

By: Paulette Wilson 
9/21/2008 7:00:00 AM