PROJECT RUNWAY: Makeover Madness

Last night on Project Runway we met cocky Kenley’s mini-me, saw a cast of confuzzling coats and got totally wrapped up in makeover madness. Didja watch?
This week’s challenge was (gasp!) brand-spankin’ new for the PR crew. The designers had to make over freshly-minted college grads from cool-but-casual coeds into women who will make it in the workin’ world. And just to add drama, each girl was accompanied by her mama.
Was I the only one who thought the moms were gonna be more trouble? Normally, someone’s mom ends up in tears. All we got this time was a weak request for animal print.
Most of the designers happily stitched away, and their clients were mostly smiles and newly suited in jackets. Joe’s girl didn’t like the pinstripes (way to speak up, Laura!), but he ignored her. Bad move, boy.
Leanne’s mama-daughter pair was the most vocal and totally vetoed L’s vibe. It was back to the sewing machine for her. I wasn’t sure if she was gonna pull it off and the result was kinda eh.
What’s going on with Kenley and her decision to flat-out ignore Tim. Anyone? Anyone?
Onto the judging, where designer Cynthia Rowley joined the clique of critics.
TOP 2: Jerell and Kenley

Jerell landed another win with his pencil skirt, gorgeous blouse and oversized cardi. His tight look gave long ‘n’ lean Caitlin curves, though I didn’t heart her new hair. What did you think about this boy-meets-girl vibe?
Kenley’s clone looked pretty adorable in a vintage-inspired dress. I really loved the belted vest combo to make it more professional and less old-school prom. What did you think of the matching feather hairpieces?

BOTTOM 2: Suede and Joe 
Suede decided that Suede would make a wackadoodle purple print dress, despite the fact that Avital wanted pants. The dress was super-silly and insane for photog. He barely made it outta this one. And I don’t think he’ll survive the next challenge.
Joe decided to make Laura, an aspiring graphic designer, a hideous SUIT that was straight outta the ‘80s. Honestly, Laura probably wasn’t even alive when that outfit woulda been kinda-sorta stylin’. Not to mention the fact that it was poorly sewn.
At the end of the night, we said so long to Joe. Seriously, we’re not sure how you stayed on so long. But you gotta take your pinstripes and get packin’!

Katie A.

Blog it out... Who do you think will make it to fashion week?!
9/18/2008 5:08:00 PM