5 dark academia pieces that are *perfect* for your winter look

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We just can't get enough of the dark academia aesthetic, and the neutral color scheme is *perfect* to have in your winter lookbook. Channel your inner Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and rock your own snowy runway with classy outfit staples that are warm and eye-catching. 

Collared shirt 

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A white collared shirt goes with just about every outfit and gives off the *best* scholarly vibes. Browse for a top made of linen or even silk and tuck it into your favorite dark-toned pants or skirt. Cuff or roll up your sleeves for a more casual look. 

Corduroy pants 

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Corduroy is soft and stylish, and we love flared corduroy pants to keep you warm *and* be the stand-out piece of your outfit. Check out your local thrift store for pants in neutral or earth tones and pair with your favorite heeled or lace-up boots. 

Sweater vest 

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Add layers to your fit the old school way with a super cute sweater vest. These are great to go over a turtleneck or collared shirt to keep you warm in the colder temperatures and will make you want to curl up in the corner of an old library for hours. 

Blazer dress 

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Blazer dresses or wrap dresses in black or white are *so* beautiful and will have you ready to write dreamy poetry about the snow or become part of your very own coffee shop AU. Accessorize with your favorite heels and purse, or even a vintage locket! 


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Add a little bit of Parisian influence to your look with a stylish beret. You'll be looking totally *snatched* as you brave the frigid temperatures, and these cute hats look great with a simple long-sleeved top or dress. 

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by Abigail Adams | 1/28/2021