Amanda LaCount rewrites the rules of plus-size fashion with the launch of her brand-new collab

Dancer and style influencer Amanda LaCount is known for her *amazing* activism toward body positivity—and her brand-new fashion launch with ELOQUII is no exception. We are sooo excited to check out The ELOQUII Drop: Six Icons, Six Days. Once these pieces sell out, they're gone forever, so check them out rn.

One major highlight for Amanda was the chance to design her version of the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress). "Collaborating with ELOQUII was a dream," Amanda, 19, dishes to Girls' Life. "I had total control of my garment and ELOQUII provided a space for me to share my opinion throughout the process. Everyone was so accepting of my ideas and it was great to see my creation come to life." When girls rock the LBD, Amanda hopes they feel "confident and classy—like the center of attention and the topic of conversation." 

It's important to Amanda to rewrite the rules of plus-size fashion to incoporate the body positivity movement. "As a plus-size persion, I am told what I can and cannot wear: Don't wear tight-fitting clothes or Cover your arms," she confesses. "I don't follow the rules and, with this collab, I wanted to make a statement to society just like I do with my dancing. I want to make others feel empowered to break stereotypes and express themselves loudly and proudly." 

Images provided by Amanda LaCount. Parts of this interview were edited for clarity.

by Katherine Hammer | 11/13/2020