Looks like masks are here to stay, here are the top 5 comfiest *and* cutest mask brands rn

Recent news alerts have informed us that COVID-19 cases are on an upward trend. More than half of the states have a made requirement for masks to be worn in public. If we're going to be forced to wear masks every day they're not only going to have to be comfortable, but they're going to have to be cute, too. It looks like masks are going to beat out all the other accessories as the *top* trending accessory this fall!

Here are the mask brands you're going to want to be wearing:


Athleta is a popular woman's athleisure wear brand. The brand is known for its stretchy and comfy leggings. So obviously their masks are made from that same soft material! Athleta's mask pack comes with 5 neutral colored masks that can go with literally anything! Shop Athleta's everyday mask pack for versatile masks to wear this fall. Athleta, $30.


Vistaprint has created the *cutest* reusable face masks! They come in all different patterns, and in two different sizes for adults and kids. For every face mask purchased, a portion of the money goes to local small businesses affected by COVID-19. Vistaprint, $18


Gap has come through and created family face mask packs that come with 8 masks in each pack (talk about a good deal)! Not to mention the patterns are all *adorbs*, and really trendy too. You're definitely getting a bang for your buck. Gap, $36

Z Supply 

Z Supply says their face masks are "ultra-soft" and made from a "french terry knit fabric with 100% cotton lining and antimicrobial interior." Could their masks sound any softer? I don't think so. They come in a pack of 2 with one stylin' patterned mask and one chic solid colored mask. So while one mask is in the wash you can wear the other one instead. Z Supply, $11



MaskClub is *def* the place to go if you're looking for a mask with your favorite TV show character on it. You name it, they have it on a mask. The front layer of the mask will have the design you chose, and the inside will contain a white *soft* polyester fabric. MaskClub, $13.99

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Which of these masks will be yours in the fall? Tag us at @girlslifemag with photos of your cute new masks!


by Hayley Miller | 8/4/2020