The most fashionable face masks to wear outdoors

Personal style has taken a unique turn in the face of the coronavirus—and high-fashion face masks are center stage.

Beaded headbands and mini bags are no longer staple accessories for spring—instead, go for a protective mask printed in a bright pattern or hue. The Centers for Disease and Protection (CDC) have advised all citizens to cover their nose and mouth outdoors, but a heavy duty, surgical N95 mask isn't neccessarily required—a handmade design can also be effective in preventing the spread of the pandemic. Just as bold jewelry once dressed up an evening ensemble, donning a mask is the preferred way to upgrade an outfit in the age of corona. This item is not just a statement piece but a symbol of identity, as people strut down the streets in a style that shows off their personality. 

"It has become mandatory to wear a face mask in most public places, so it's inevitable that people will start expressing themselves that way. There may only be a few trips out of the house each week, and fashionistas are not going to waste their opportunity," asserts celebrity stylist Samantha Brown. "This required product is a chance to show who you are, especially because it's covering your face. In the future, I can see people starting to wear different face masks that correspond with each outfit during the week." Not to mention, a fashionable face covering can add some life back into the dull streets, all while keeping you and your community safe. While endless days of sweatpants and PJs can become monotonous, sporting one of the following designs with a spring ensemble can add some much-needed excitement to your existence.

Boohoo 100% Proceeds Donated to Charity Fashion Mask

Empower your everyday by donning this design, complete with a cursive "Woman." An added plus: all proceeds are given to charities supporting COVID-19.

Onzie Mindful Masks - Assorted 2 Pack

Adopt your fair share of prints with this assorted two-pack: the set includes snakeskin, florals, cow print and more. Plus, proceeds from each mask (made from upcycled fabrics) are donated to healthcare workers across America.

Reformation 5X Masks - L.A. Protects

This set of five reusable, lightweight masks has you prepared for an entire week of grocery store excursions. Prints and colors vary depending on the shipment.

Disney Cloth Face Masks

Disney fans can show their spirit by flaunting their favorite character. The collections being sold (currently on pre-order) include Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, Marie and more iconic figures.

Ulla Johnson Mixte Face Mask

The designer's take on the trend features a feminine flair thanks to spring florals. One-hundred percent of profits are donated to City Harvest and The Bowery Mission as they work to protect the New York community.

Christy Dawn The Sustainable Mask in Solids

Stay sustainable with this simplistic set of non-medical grade, 100% doubled deadstock cotton masks. The product also comes in plaid, stripes, linen and florals if you prefer.

Boy Meets Girl x Survivor Corps Community Mask

Show your appreciation for the COVID-19 response team by supporting this collaboration with Survivor Corps, an organization actively researching to end the pandemic. The mask features a unique pink insert on the bottom, allowing for an air filter to be inserted for extra protection.

Which one of these masks is your fave? Comment below!


by Carrie Berk | 5/1/2020