PROJECT RUNWAY: On Your Mark, Get Set, Sew!

Last week, the designers struggled a bit with their creative juices designing drag-wear. Although some of them did turn out really cool, it def was not an easy task! This week, the designers were again, put to the test to really show their innovative talents by creating runway material from nothing but…car parts! Vrooom-tastic!

The remaining contestants were told by Heidi to go immediately to the rooftop of 142 West 31st Street. Confused and curious, the designers arrived to the top only to be puzzled even more! They were greeted by Tim Gunn, special guest Chris Webb, the lead color designer for Saturn and five spankin’ new Saturn Vue Hybrids. Whaaat?

Rev up your Engines, Designers! This week’s task was to create a piece using car parts. Each designer was responsible for collecting as many car parts (stuffed inside the new recyclable automobiles) as they could in four minutes. They were able to collect parts ranging from seat covers, headlights, seat belts, floor mats and a lot more that I def don’t know the names to!

With only a day to create their masterpieces, the designers quickly went to work. Korto and Blayne went straight to working with seatbelts, while the others tried their hands at leather and rubber parts. There sure was a lot of banging and breaking as the designers found parts within parts—driving them to brilliant ideas!

Models. Kenley’s previous model had to drop out and she completely kirked! I mean it was totally upsetting because she had to make sure Germaine (the replacement model, who was a bit bigger and boxier) fit her clothes.

Also, what was up with Keith and the bad attitude? Slamming down parts and his rude ‘tude did not get him anywhere because once again, he was placed in the bottom alongside Stella.
The judges included: Heidi, Michael Kors, season three finalist Laura Bennett (fillin’ in for Nina) as well as guest judge, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. They criticized Keith’s tank top and pencil skirt for its messiness, and totes thought it was a play-it-safe plain design. It was totally not impressive! Um, random fishnet and do-not-sit-down holey skirt? No thanks! See ya, Keith!
The winner of this challenge was Leanne. She came up with the most adorable cocktail dress made from seat covers and seatbelts. She used the original shape of the seat covers for a big hip silhouette and the seatbelts for a feathery trim at the top. This straight-to-fashion week dress looked totally wearable and it def did not look like it was made from car parts!
My personal favorite was Korto’s seatbelt-woven jacket dress. Oh, my gosh! It was so beautiful and like Rachel Zoe said, “I want it!” What about you, ladies? Whose design would you wear…and not? Post your comments!

After Daniel, it was so obvious Keith had to go! But congratulations, Leanne for winning this week’s challenge! Who is next to go? Stay tuned!

, Sharon
8/28/2008 2:43:00 PM