This new clothing line is giving us major girl power vibes


From International Women's Day to the Women's March, 2017 has already been full of girls proving that the future *is* female. (We can't forget this girl who was the first to visit every single country in the world!) Now Children's Place is selling a line of empowering tees that let you fashionably flaunt why you're proud to be a girl.

The new #GirlPower Shop features slogans like "smart is the new pretty" and "never underestimate the power of a girl" and is a refreshing new take on girls' clothing. Goodbye stereotypical ruffled princess shirts (although those have their place, too!) and hello superheroes and scientists.

We're *all* about rocking girl power gear on the reg, and these shirts are both #ootd-worthy and inspirational.  

Do you have any cool swag that shows off your girl pride? Let us know in the comments! 

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by Amanda Tarlton | 4/3/2017
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