The trendy swim style you need in your life


The latest trend in bathing suits isn’t as modern as you might think. Believe it or not, high rise bathing suits have been around forever and for a good reason: They’re super trendy and flatter all different body types. They are great for defining your waist and elongating your legs, so throw one on the next time you hit the beach for a super cool vintage look. Check out how these celebs are soaking up the sun in their high rise suits. 


Here’s Demi looking super “cool for the summer” lounging by the pool. She makes the retro vibe way more modern with the tribal pattern and bright colors. 

Photo credit: Instagram


Selena is rocking this vintage style denim suit. Who knew a denim bathing suit could be so cute? 

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Fifth Harmony’s Normani Hamilton is getting fit in her high rise bathing suit, just casually doing some yoga on the side of a waterfall. If only we could be that athletic.

Photo credit: Instagram

Here’s Gigi in a classic high rise suit. She looks super stylish in this selfie, showing off her freckles along with the high waisted look.

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Shay is slaying this black high rise swimsuit. The off the shoulder top with the high waisted bottoms look like something straight out of the 1950’s. With a swimsuit like this she’s sure to be the most fashionable at any pool party.

Photo credit: Instagram


And Karlie Kloss looking flawless in her high waisted suit. Which definitely shows off her waistline and long legs. Looks like she’s ready to dive into the ocean! 

Photo credit: Instagram, Ali Express

What do you think of this retro style?

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by Emmrick McCadden | 7/22/2016