If Shay can rock a one-piece, so can you!


One-pieces are slowly but surely making their way onto the fashion scene. Don't believe us? Just check Shay Mitchell's Instagram where she's rocking them on her shaycations all over.

We're not just copying Shay's look, though. Here’re a few reasons why we should all hop on the one-piece train.

They’re so easy.

You can do anything in a one piece. Unlike with a bikini, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing mishaps when you’re diving through those waves.

They come in tons of different styles.

The cool thing about a one-piece is that it doesn’t have to look like one boring old piece of fabric. Some look like bikinis, but are somehow secretly attached. Some have neat cut-outs. Some are solid with amazing patterns. Basically, they come in everything shape and size imaginable.

They can be so much more than just a bathing suit.

Have a cute skirt, pair of shorts or pants and just can’t seem to find a decent shirt to pair them with? Try a one piece. It’s basically the same as a bodysuit just made out of a different material. Just make sure to change it out after you hit the pool—sitting around in a wet suit is no fun and no good for your bod.

Still not convinced? Take a look at these cute suits.

ModCloth, $42. Nordstrom, $40.

Victoria's Secret, $35. Victoria's Secret, $45.

Forever 21, $25. Forever 21, $20.

Are you rocking the one-piece this summer? Where's your favorite place to pick out a bathing suit?

Photo credit: Shay Mitchell

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by Hayley Burns | 6/7/2016