The best sunglasses for your face shape


Having trouble finding that cute pair of sunnies? Check out our go to guide to find the perfect pair before hitting up the mall. Whether your face is round, oval or heart-shaped we found a super-flattering style for you. Added bonus: they all fit your budget, too.

Which sunglasses will look super chic with your face shape? Share in the comments below!


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    If you have a heart shaped face like Sarah Hyland’s you are characterized by having a cute cheeks, a wider forehead and a narrow chin. A super cute pair of cat eyed or round sunglasses balance out your face perfectly.

    Modcloth cat eye cutie sunglasses, $20,

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    Do you have a rounder face, like Selena? When choosing sunglasses, look for a pair that are wide rectangular frames. Try to stay away from round, small frames, which aren't flattering on you.

    Converse retro sunglasses, $20,

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    Like Keke, girls with oval faces will look great in any style you put on. Why not try out a trendy pair, like these softly angular sunnies? The pink hue is perfect for everyday and the price is unbeatable. 

    H&M powder pink sunglasses, $8,



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    Face twins of Taylor Swift have a thinner face, pointed chin, and an awesome jawline. We suggest when shopping to look for styles that are oversized or a wrap look to bring width to your face. Big, retro sunnies also look Tay proves all the time.

    American eagle outfitters oversized icon sunglasses in black, $16,

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by Carissa Hyland | 2/1/2016