4 ways to bundle up and still look cute

It is the age-old dilemma: How is a girl supposed to stay cozy ‘n’ warm while still looking totally cute? Sometimes it seems there’s no option but to sacrifice one for the other, but not anymore! Check out these four awesome outfits to keep you snug and adorable all at the same time. Finally!

Tip #1: Incorporate your winter jacket into your outfit.

Running errands in the cold? This is such an easy way to stay snuggly warm and l-o-v-e what you’re wearing. When ya get dressed in the morning try and pair pieces that’ll go great with the jacket you’re gonna wear that day.

AE Dress Coat, $70,

Striped Raglan Sleeve Sweater, $20,

Belted Roll Cuff Jean, $17,

Buckled Riding Boots, $39,

Merona Black New Solid Pashimas, $15,


Tip #2: Pick up a cute vest.

Vests are soo cinchy: You’ll be able to pair yours with a flannel that’ll keep ya cozy all day long. Add a cute knit hat and a pair of no-fail boots and you won’t even feel like you’re sacrificing style for warmth.


Arizona Puffer Vest, $12,

Fleeced-Line Flannel Shirt, $50,

Olivia Charcoal Low-Rise Jeggings, $40,

Sandy 35 Taupe Fringe Lace-Up Booties, $27,

Auclair Cable Knit Hat, $22, 


Tip #3: Layers are the name of the game.

Start with a blouse, add an oversized cardi and even a soft wrap jacket on top to keep ya all wrapped up.  Plus, if ya get hot while you’re in class, you can start peeling off the layers.


Relaxed Bejeweled Collar Top, $33,

Texture Guru Cardigan, $68,

Olivia Low-Rise Jegging, $40,

Merona Wool Coat with Shaw and Belt, $41,


Tip #4: Coordinate your accessories.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is grab a pair of mittens, a hat and a knitted scarf in complementary colors and bundle up. Putting different pieces of your closet together can be so much fun and you can always experiment to see which combos keep you the coziest.


Semi-Sheer Dolman Top, $15,

Merona Women's Toggle Coat, $41,

Cold Weather Infinity Scarf, $20,

Portlando Tech Gloves, $38,

Faux Fur Trapper Hat, $13,

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by Alexis Gavrelis | 2/1/2016