Make Your Skin Glow!

With the cold weather rolling in, skin can start to look a little dull.
There’s no hiding behind a tan this time of the year, so caring for your complexion is even more important.
There are easy (and some free!) ways to get that healthy, radiant look you're going for. Here’s how to get glowin’!
Having healthy skin doesn’t always come down to the products that you use on your face. Make sure you eat nutritious food, the more colorful, the better (those are the ones packed with the most nutrients!) and are chugging water. Daily exercise and catching lots of zzz’s (7 to 8 hours!) make ya glow, too.
Exfoliating once a week can help get rid of dead cells and brighten up skin. Avoid over-scrubbing or risk irritating your face.

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Coconut oil is nature’s best-kept secret to healthy, radiant skin! It has the ability to heal and moisturize your skin, as well as shrinking pores and minimizing breakouts. This rich, creamy oil can be applied as a substitute for any facial cream. Make sure to get an extra virgin variety, and apply once or twice a day.

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Even though summer is over, you don’t have to put away your bronzer… but use it with caution!  After applying your foundation, sweep a light amount of bronzer across your face for the extra glow. If you have liquid bronzer, mix a dab of it in with your moisturizer.  Remember, you aren’t trying to achieve a full-on face tan, you just want healthy, natural-looking glow.


by Claudia Notarangelo | 2/1/2016