WE TRIED IT: Clarifying Acne Wash

I’ve tried everything in my quest for clear, gorgeous skin. My face is an odd combination of oily and dry, with deep blemishes rather than abundant pimples. Face washes never seemed to work as I’d like and I never had time to do all three steps in the clear-skin programs.

Eventually, I resorted to facials—which were the worst. They cleared my skin for a couple weeks but the blackheads always came back. Not only that, but they were painful and left my skin red and irritated.

I kept searching and found Arbonne’s Clarifying Wash Acne Medication ($17,, It’s made of natural ingredients such as dandelion leaf, peppermint, and orange peel, and left my skin with that refreshing feel after use. Plus, it’s vegan. I used the clarifying wash for only a week before noticing results, and (knock on wood!) I haven’t had one deep pimple since I have started using it.

Despite all the delightful natural ingredients, the face wash doesn’t smell the best. Plus, it’s a little pricey. But for me, the results were worth it for me!


by Olivia Arlington | 2/1/2016