Take the Clear Skin Challenge! Week Three: Work It Out! Plus, WIN Clean & Clear's Back-to-Cool Kit!

This week, it’s all about getting rid of the stress in your life. The end of summer means sayin’ “see ya” to sunny days and going back to a packed school sched.
Stayin’ calm and cool will help keep your skin clear.

Here are our best stress-less tips!

Get Active

Take your battle against acne to the streets—literally. Try adding three days a week of cardio to your routine. Whether it’s swimming at the pool with your girlies or taking a jog around the block, exercise not only has been proven to improve your mood, but also helps reduce stress—one giant cause of breakouts.

Beware, activista! After your workout, be sure to wash your face ASAP. The sweat can clog your pores. Keep wipes in your gym locker, so you can zap sweat in seconds.

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Take a shower straight after to keep your hair and skin clean. Your face and bod will thank you for all that hard work at the gym.

Delete Friend Drama

BFF probs keeping you on edge? Tackle those toughies this week. Talk out the sitch with your besties or go to your fam for advice. Dealing with dilemmas at the start of the school year will keep ya from being frazzled later on.

Take Time for You

Stress still freaking you out? Take some time for yourself. Book break or music jam session, taking a moment to escape from what’s bothering you is not only good for your brain, but may give you a chance to find a new ideas or solutions when you’re back into it.

Stay stress-free and your skin will start lookin’ even more amazing in days.

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by Alyssa Bailey | 2/1/2016