Rocker-Ready Hair

I'm thinking about getting an edgy, rocker-chick hair cut before school starts, but I'm sorta hesitant. If I get it, will I not be able to wear preppy or girly clothes anymore without looking weird?
Also, I want to start babysitting soon and want to make a good first impression. What should I do?
To Rock, or Not?
The rocker look is totally in right now. Just check out Taylor Momsen’s mane. But you don’t have to be a superstar to pull off the look. If you’re hesitant, don’t go all out.
Get a cut with choppy layers, but style it more conservatively. Instead of mussing it up before you leave the house, keep it sleek and frizz-free. And keep your natural hue, instead of dying it platinum (or pink). All these things will make the cut look less extreme.
New Cut, Same Y-O-U!
Just ‘cause your cut is diff, doesn’t mean you are. Haircuts don’t fit nicely into categories. Girls with long beachy waves aren’t always surfers, just like your funky new cut doesn’t make you a new girl. If you’re a preppy, girly girl, rock your fave polished pieces with that choppy ‘do. You’ll be making a huge statement.
Make a Fab First Impression, No Matter What!
If you’re starting to babysit, play around with your locks to see what looks most mature (while still feelin’ like you!). Try out accessories (like a cute headband with a bow) to add a prepster flair to your hair. Dress appropriately, do an at-home mani (use pale pink polish or just clear) and, most of all, be super-professional. Have references, be a certified sitter and read all of GL’s tips RIGHT HERE!
Your strands may have a li’l more sass, but you can still be yourself, sistah!


by Jess Hofmman | 2/1/2016