Our fave skincare products with eco-friendly packaging

OK, the weather outside may be frightening (brrr!), but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your dewy glow or your stunning makeup looks. For one, winter is the driest time of the year, which means it's even *more* important now than ever to keep our skin hydrated and happy. Plus, devoting a little extra time to your GRWM can help you feel your best and bust the winter blues. 

The only downside: cycling through new products = a lot of plastic waste. Luckily, tons of brands are taking notes and switching to greener packaging (think: reusable jars and refill pods so you don't have to toss your containers every time you refresh your supply).

Since this is the (un)official szn of stocking up on all things beauty, we've collected our top recs for products that will give you moisturized skin, level up your lashes, keep you smelling sweet *and* help you help the planet! Did somebody say win-win-win-win?

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Refillable Jar + Refill Pod Starter Kit

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Refillable Jar + Refill Pod Starter Kit, Ulta, $30

If you're dealing with dry skin, you probably feel like you run out of moisturizer every five minutes. Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel was already one of our fave skin saviors, thanks to the lightweight feel and refreshing scent. The best news? Now you can buy it in refillable jar form—with a completely new formula to deliver even more hydration. It's super easy to pop in a fresh pod once the OG jar is empty (and who *doesn't* wanna reduce their plastic consumption?). Go off, green gal! 

evolvetogether Tulum Natural Deodorant

Tulum Natural Deodorant, evolvetogether, $22

This deodorant uses a plant-based, non-toxic and aluminum-free formula *and* is shipped in no-box packaging. Instead of arriving in wasteful plastic, it comes in 100% biodegradable and reusable waterproof pouches. Even the tube itself is made from 70% recycled plastic! 

It gets better: evolvetogether contributes to nonprofits that plant trees and keep plastic out of the ocean, so you know your money is always going to a worthwhile cause.

UpCircle Refillable Hand + Body Lotion with Bergamot Water

Hand + Body Lotion with Bergamot Water, UpCircle, $24

Tbh, when you're braving icy temps and chilly winds, you (and your bod) can *not* afford to run out of lotion. Let's prioritize staying moisturized, shall we? With this nourishing skin-soother, you can buy refills and keep running it back with the same bottle from your initial purchase. The refill method means you're buying wayyy fewer containers and reducing waste. Besides, the bergamot scent is downright dreamy (and the lotion is totally vegan and cruelty-free!).

SOSHE Beauty G.L.A.M. Refillable Mascara

SOSHE Beauty G.L.A.M. Refillable Mascara, Urban Outfitters, $29

We're obsessed with this waterproof mascara that comes in a refillable case, and we're even more obsessed with SOSHE Beauty reaching certified "plastic negative" status (translation: for every item they sell, they fund the removal of plastic from landfills). For a gorg and green moment, you can pop the refills in and out of the case for a sustainable swap that's also just more hygienic than single-use plastic. Clean beauty, sustainability *and* stand-out lashes? Sign us up.

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by Ava Slocum | 2/14/2024