We just simplified your back-to-school skincare routine (and you're going to love it, promise)

Back-to-school means new classes, new friends and a new sports season. It also means less sleep, more stress and a jam-packed schedule that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It's no wonder your skin is prone to pimples.

Enter PanOxyl Acne Treatment Bar, a new skincare solution that works to bust existing breakouts *and* prevent future flare-ups. This deep-cleaning face and body bar (yup, two-in-ones are totally back and perfect for busy girlies who want an effective head-to-toe cleanser) uses dermatologist-recommended Benzoyl Peroxide to combat acne-causing bacteria and unclog pores.

We asked five GL girls to give us the breakdown on this face and body bar. Scroll to read their reviews so that you (yes, you) can hit the halls with clear skin. 

When she's not appearing on her family's popular YouTube channel, Jasmine M. is creating hauls on her personal one. So when she finds something that works (and is perfect for *all* skin types on both the face and body), Jasmine is always the first to share it. "This is my go-to for keeping my skin so clear," she reveals.

Cilla J. loves filming and creating fun YouTube videos with her fam almost as much as she loves her horse, Trixie. Since riding is a serious workout (plus stables = dust and dirt everywhere), having a face and body cleanser in one with the power of max-strength 10% benzoyl peroxide is key. "PanOxyl is so easy to use," she says. Just add water, lather and rinse. "It helps keep my skin clear and calm."

Fact: PanOxyl helps break the acne cycle by clearing existing breakouts (and helping prevent new ones) in one step. So for GL girl Skylyn P.—a busy dancer and student who is always on the go (srsly, her Insta is total travel goals!)—having a skincare solution that's simple, fast *and* effective is a golden combo. "My skin feels so clean every time I use it."

Senior year means looking your best for all the "lasts": last first day of school, last homecoming, last football game. But actress and model Ariana N. is not only heading into her last year of high school—she's also hitting the runways and red carpets.

Modeling and acting gigs mean major makeup, so cleansing the day away is super important. That's why Ariana turned to PanOxyl's Acne Treatment Bar, which is gentle enough for daily use: "It's my new self-care staple in my routine," she shares. 

Between cheering at her high school football games (go Tigers!) and posting about her new fave trends on Instagram, GL girl Kelsey S. knows a thing or two about smart skincare. Her verdict after trying PanOxyl Acne Treatment Bar?  "Seriously obsessed." We couldn't agree more. 

Ready to rock a blemish-free complexion?

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by GL | 9/13/2023