6 cruelty-free makeup brands we're obsessed with

From picking out the best food to buying a mini rain jacket for those stormy days, we treat our pets with an added dash of kindness. While we go the extra mile to make sure our furry friends feel right at home, some makeup brands aren't as nice to our honorary family members. Just last year, over 25 million animals were used in cosmetic testing—and no, unfortunately this doesn't just mean putting lipstick and blush on them. Animal testing can mean a series of painful experiments that usually do more harm than good. 

Luckily, there are more than 6,000 makeup brands that are cruelty-free! When looking for safe makeup products, keep an eye out for the leaping bunny symbol, the certified logo for cruelty-free. To start your search for cruelty-free brands, we have rounded up six that we are *so* obsessed with.

Rare Beauty


Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty is *the* whole package. With over eight highlighter shades to pick from, their "Shine Your Brightest" mantra is no joke. Not only is this brand cruelty-free, but their platform is dedicated to spreading awareness on mental health. Adding in positive affirmations throughout their social media, Rare Beauty is committed to helping everyone feel beautiful. 

Shop the Positive Light Liquid Luminizer here, $25.



Ecotools is all about clean beauty and a clean planet (but we also can't forget about their adorable sage green aesthetic). Their makeup brushes and skincare line are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Even their packaging is made sustainably with biodegradable paper and recycled materials.

Shop Ecotools at Ulta, Target or online!



E.l.f is the queen of drugstore makeup, but her crown just got a little bit taller with that cruelty-free logo. For every eye, lip and face, there's a product that steers clear from animal testing and dangerous sulfates. E.l.f is also the perfect brand to shop for the dupe of your dreams (this lip balm is *so* giving Laneige Lip Mask vibes), so you can be extra without paying extra. 

Shop the Squeeze Me Lip Balm, $4.


Bon Voyage Palette, $30

Bringing in cruelty-free makeup from sunny California is none other than Colourpop. If this collection of ultra-pigmented shadows (and adorable packaging) wasn't enough to convince you how fab their brand is, there are hundreds of other items you can try. Colourpop has that perfect ratio of neutral to bold essentials, making their products a staple in anyone's makeup bag. 

Shop the Bon Voyage Palette, $30.

Physician's Formula 


Is there anything sweeter than this strawberry-themed blush? Yeah, it's the cruelty-free brand supplying it. Physician's Formula focuses on organic and high-quality ingredients to make sure what you're wearing is effective, but gentle on your skin. They also test their makeup with a group of doctors called the "Physician's Coalition" to make sure everything is up to top-notch standards. 

Shop the Strawberry Jam Blush, $13.

Fenty Beauty 


You + Fenty Beauty = a match made in heaven. Rihanna's iconic Fenty Beauty line (and her Fenty Skin line) are entirely cruelty-free! With over 50 shades of foundation to choose from, this line is not just inclusive but also totally animal-friendly. 

Shop the Pro Filt'r foundation, $40

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by Annika Chaves | 9/2/2023