The best hair tinsel for every hair color

Hair tinsel has been making a comeback, and we are *totally* obsessed! This can be a great way to accessorize for big events such as your graduation party or your fave artist's concert (hello, Eras Tour!), or even just to add an extra flair to your everyday lewk. Whatever your style, if you want to participate in this trend but aren't sure what color to try, we're here to tell you what tinsel looks best in each hair color.

Blonde hair


Use warm colors such as red, orange and pink to highlight your blonde locks. Holographic tinsel pops in lighter hair colors. Basically, think sunset vibes for a summer style you're guaranteed to fall in love with.

Brunette hair


Cool colors such as purple, blue and green look great woven into darker hair colors. These colors will stand out against dark brown or black hair, and once they catch the light: *chef's kiss*. Check out how Katy Perry rocked tinsel in her hair to promote her Play concert residency in 2021. We're obsessed with the shimmering colors against the black backdrop.

Red hair

Gold is the perfect color for all our redhead girlies. Whether you have more of a dark auburn, golden copper or anything in between, gold is guaranteed to complement your hair color. If you have lighter hair, it'll blend in more for a natural shimmery look. If you have darker hair, it'll stand out more and have you still looking bedazzled!

Dyed hair


If your hair is dyed a color that we didn't mention, or if you want to dye your hair a fun color for the summer, we recommend using color theory to see which colors would best complement it. If you have green hair, a bold magenta will make it pop. Otherwise, if you're more of a monochromatic gal, match your tinsel to your hair (blue strands in blue hair will still look amaze!). 

Have you tried hair tinsel? What are your fave color combos? Share with us on Insta @girlslifemag!

Slider image and top image: @spaceykacey
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by Natalie Misyak | 6/4/2023