6 perfumes that make the perfect spring scents

One of the best parts of ringing in a brand new season? Discovering your latest signature scent, ofc! Spring is finally here—it's time for a fresh start, and that same message applies to your perfume collection.

Ready to find your new fave fragrance? We've rounded up six perfumes that will give you *all* the spring vibes. And chances are, one of them will be the perfect pick for Y-O-U. 

Glossier You by Glossier 

Glossier You Eau de Parfum, Glossier, $64

Glossier describes You as the ultimate personal fragrance...because it's made to smell a little like *you*. The perfume is formulated to fully dissolve into your skin, making it smell a bit different on each person who wears it. It's warm and familiar, yet sweet and refreshing—best combination ever, tbh. This one is perfect for any occasion.

Notes: Pink pepper, ambrette seeds, iris, ambrox. 

Cloud Nine by Bath & Body Works

Cloud Nine, Bath & Body Works, $17

Although it isn't technically a perfume, this fragrance mist has us walking on cloud nine anyway! If you want a light, layerable scent that you can use every day, this is the one for you. According to Bath & Body Works, just one whiff of Cloud Nine will draw you into daydreams of fresh floral bouquets and warm spring days. Um, sign us up.

Notes: Lavender breeze, morning dew drops, cozy amber.

Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Love Eau de Toilette (1 oz), Marc Jacobs, $72

Maybe you already know the popular Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy. But if you're looking for the ideal fragrance for spring (and beyond!), let us introduce you to one of its sister scents: Daisy Love. This fruity, floral perfume is sweet without being too overwhelming. What's not to love?

Notes: Crystallized cloud berries, daisy tree petals, cashmere musk, driftwood.

Floral Pear by Dossier

Floral Pear (1.7 oz), Dossier, $29

If you're in search of a scent that's natural yet subtle, you might want to try out Dossier's Floral Pear. It blends refreshing pear and rhubarb with delicate rose and freesia, highlighting some classic spring notes and proving that simplicity truly goes a long way. This one is super versatile—you can wear it on its own or layer it with other floral scents.

Notes: Pear, bergamot, watermelon, rhubarb, quince, rose, freesia, orange blossom, woody notes, musk, amber.

MOD Blush by Ariana Grande

MOD Blush Eau de Parfum (1 oz), Ariana Grande, $48

Ariana Grande might be a key part of your fave playlist, but now she's about to become the mainstay of your perfume collection, too. This bright, pretty scent is strong, but not overpowering, making it the perf choice to take you through any spring day.

Notes: Passionfruit, Italian bergamot, bright raspberry, pink pepper, dewy magnolia, pink rose petals, juicy pear, ambrox, dreamwood, radiant musks. 

Amazing Grace by Philosophy

Amazing Grace (2 oz), Philosophy, $58

If you prefer cleaner, lighter scents, Philosophy's Amazing Grace is the way to go. This iconic soft floral perfume is def popular for a reason—it's long-lasting and totally timeless. You'll be ready for spring with the very first spritz!

Notes: Bergamot, delicate muguet blossoms, lasting musk.

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by Samara Smukler | 4/5/2023