BEAUTY 101: Fab Hair for Your Fall Dance!

Whether ya want romantic curls, a pretty pony or a DIY headband, we’ve got easy ways to get hair that’ll amaze.

Classic Curls

Take a wide-barrel curling iron, and grab enough hair to make a plump curl. Slide the iron from the top of your hair to the bottom and wrap the hair around the iron.
Hold for about 6-8 seconds and let the curl fall in place. Spritz on medium hold hairspray and run your fingers gently through the curls for a natural, loose look. Accessorize those locks!

Sweet ‘n’ Low (for medium to long hair):

Keep some hair in front for bangs (if you don't have any, then don't worry). Tie back your hair in a semi-low ponytail behind your ear. Take a thick pinch of hair, twist it and wind it around around the elastic. Take a bobby pin and tuck the end of that strand and the pin into your hair so no one can see it. Super chic and really pretty! Antique Gold Flower Vintage Hair Barrette Embedded w/ Cubic Zircon Hair Clip, $13,
All Tied Up (for short hair)

Take a ribbon that matches your dress and tie it like a headband. Place the bow at the top right or left for an adorable tilt or tie it and let the loose parts of the ribbon peek out from beneath your bob. Cute as a button, babe! Satin Rose Headband, $5,
by GL | 2/1/2016