Charli and Dixie show us what’s in their Morphe line!

The D'Amelios are back at it again as the faces of the new Morphe makeup line. The line, called Morphe2, launched July 30, and Charli and Dixie gave us a first look at the line in a YouTube video. Needless to say, we're *obsessed.*

"We have always been into a little bit more of a natural look," Charli explained in a video with James Charles. "So when Morphe showed us the collection, it was, like, everything that I had wanted."

The Morphe2 line is all about simple, natural makeup, so all the products are made for light coverage that can be built up if you want a more vibrant look. The line includes a tinted moisturizer called the Hint Hint Skin Tint, highlighting gloss, eye shimmers, cheek and lip mousse, lip oils and brushes. 

One of Dixie's faves in the line is the Jelly Eye Shimmer in the color Starry Sky, and it's actually the color she is wearing in the promotional photos for the line. These *amaze* eye shimmers, like everything else in Morphe2, can be worn by themselves or layered on top of other eyeshadows, making it a super versatile addition to any makeup collection. 

Charli says one of her faves is the Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse in the color Amaze, and she uses it every day to get her signature rosy cheeks. Plus, you can use this mousse for your lips! We *love* multi-purpose products.


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The sisters promoted the line on their Instagrams as well as through a YouTube collab with James Charles. The D'Amelios and James have always been told that they look alike, so they filmed a video using Morphe2 products to turn themselves into triplets (they really did look alike at the end!). They also filmed a video on James' channel doing a Beauty Battle in which Charli and Dixie each did a Morphe2 look for one half of James' face. 

The three of them dished on their first impressions of each other and how Charli and Dixie are navigating their new LA life. By the end of both videos, the makeup looks were *stunning.*

Morphe2 has been a success so far, and many of the products are running out quickly. You can find the entire line on the Morphe website.

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by Erin Jeon | 8/5/2020