The 3 best makeup hacks we learned from TikTok

Since we are stuck inside for the forseeable future, we can't help but obsess over our TikTok feeds. Check out some beauty hacks we discovered to get you ready for all quarantine activities, from class to virtual bestie hangouts to filming the *latest* dance challenges.

The Undereye Hack


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This hack is perfect for anyone who struggles with undereye bags.  Instead of spending $$ on an expensive color corrector, buy a bright orange lipstick.  Use the lipstick as an undereye concealer, blend and add foundation for bright undereyes. It's a go-to quick complexion boost for a refreshed look before your first Zoom class in the AM.

The Lash Hack


MASCARA HACK! NO falsies, NO eyelash curler, just a blow dryer! Let me know if it works for you too 😊 ##fyp ##makeuphacks

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This hack may be the simplest of all to get *amaze* lashes without having to glue on falsies or get extensions.  After curling your lashes and applying mascara, take a hair dryer (make sure it's on the cool setting), shut your eyes and simply blow your lashes upward as the mascara dries.  This makes your lashes appear longer and curlier with minimal effort—the *perf* low-maintenance hack to try before you FaceTime bae.

The Foundation Hack

Switch up the order you apply makeup with this amazing hack for your foundation. Moisturize, then dab translucent powder all over your face, spritz your face with setting spray (we're obsessing over this one), prime and apply your foundation. TikTok user @ridaaaamat promises that it will last all day and won't crease!

Have you tried any of these?  Let us know your favorite hack that you learned from TikTok!

by Olivia Sowa | 4/3/2020