5 tips to keeping your skin amazing this summer

Warmer weather means tonsa time outside. Translation? It’s time to step up your sun protection routine. Here’s how to stay cute ‘n’ covered all season long.

1. Apply sunscreen in the a.m. and then reapply all day. 
We know rubbing (or spraying) sunscreen all over your bod is annoying and can take a few minutes each time, but what’s even more inconvenient is the sun-related skin damage or cancer that could result from lagging on lotion. To keep safe, lather up with an SPF of 30 or higher 20 minutes before you dash outside. Reapply every two hours or whenever you get outta the water. 

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2. Invest in a hat.
A wide-brimmed topper gives you the shade and protection necessary whenever you’re gonna be outside. Floppy hats are so in this season, and matching one to your bathing suit is totally beach chic. Hats aren’t your style? Try lounging under a beach umbrella, another great sun shield. 

3. Stay in the shade.
Whenever you can, get outta that hash sun. Walk on the shady side of the road, plop down your picnic blanket under trees and run with your buds along tree-lined streets, not on a super sunny track.

4. Embrace your skin tone.
Don’t fall prey to tan envy. Instead, learn to love your complexion just the way it is. Trust us, if you go tanning or stay out in the sun too much now you will sooo regret it later. Make peace with your hue now and you’ll save your skin.

5. Rock a cover-up.
That itty-bitty bikini should not be your uniform. Instead, keep covered with a long maxi dress or cute linen pants. As soon as you get outta the water and towel off, pop on your fave cover up and know you’re doing the best thing for your bod!


by Erin Goldstein | 2/1/2016