3 Cute 'n' Easy New Ways to Wear Your Hair!

Bored with your locks? Not anymore. We’ve got new spins on a classic style: hair that’s down! Forget ultra-straight strands or a center part (for a second) and test out these cute new ‘dos!
Bohemian Braids
Can’t get enough twists? We hear ya. The latest spin on the braidy bunch is to wear your hair down and straight, with two tiny braids that frame your face. Start by creating a center part. Then, create a braid out of a small chunk of hair, starting right at the part. Repeat on the other side. Use small elastics to ensure the braids stay put. The trick to keeping this style breezy is to make sure your hair isn’t stick-straight.
Naturally Frizz-Free Curls
Drop your flat-irons! The natural look is back, but that means a girl has to keep frizz in check. Use curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner when you shower to give your curly hair the moisture it needs to fight frizz or dry ends. Wait until curly hair is slightly dry to comb through after a shower, and apply curl cream.

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Let hair air dry or diffuse. Want to crank the style? Pop on a cool, turban-inspired wrap.

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Rockin’ Side Part
School’s almost out, which means messy strands are A-OK. Girls with straight hair or waves can get a look that’s sooo this-second by adding texture and a side part to their locks.
When strands are still damp, use a comb to create a side part. Then, work in some texturizer, to nail that piece-y vibe. Let hair air dry. Easy, right? It’s totally cool to keep your tresses a little undone…this look isn’t fussy at all!

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by Abby Cheney and Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016