Quiz - What type of princess are you?

What type of royalty would you be? Take our quiz to find out what your life would be like if you wore the crown.

You really like this guy, catch is...he's not a prince. In fact, he's your fam's total enemy. How do you deal with this forbidden fella?

2's time for the ball and you just spilled pink punch all over your white dress. What's your next move?


You're out dancing with a bunch of royal hotties when you hear the bells chime and realize it's way past curfew! Mom, dad AND your maid are gonna freak. How do you handle it?


You're at a major banquet with foreign heads of state and your dad's supposed to give a speech. Suddenly, a messenger tells ya that he’s hit some muddy trails and won't make it back in time. What do you do?


You hear that the Princess of Portlandia has been talkin' smack behind your back. What's your next move?


You and all seven of your sisters get dolled up in dazzling dresses and heirloom crowns for family portrait day. But when you get downstairs, you realize that all of your sisters have gold crowns but you. You…


It’s THE worst night of your life. A giant DRAGON came up out of nowhere while you were picking flowers and is now chasing you through the forest. How do you deal?