Quiz - Which emoji perfectly describes you?


Emojis pack a lot of meaning into one little picture. We're constantly having emoji-exclusive convos with our besties—just like Cece, Gabby, Prianka and Victoria in TBH, This May Be TMI by Lisa Greenwald, the sequel to TBH, This Is So Awkward.


In the follow-up—also told totally though texts and emojis—the friends realize that sixth grade stress is no joke. Cece is trying to make her mark, Gabby is crushing on Colin, Prianka has heart eyes for Vishal and Victoria is trying to catch Arjun's attention—all while balancing books, their besties and planning their school's Spring Fair.


Just like this tight-knit crew, you probably have a go-to emoji for almost any situation. But what about an emoji that perfectly describes *you*? Take the quiz to find out which one you'd be!


Then, grab TBH, This May Be TMI by Lisa Greenwald online HERE and in bookstores everywhere now.


What are you known for sending in a group chat?


You and your crew are hitting up the movies this weekend and it's your turn to pick the flick. What are you guys seeing?


You're headed to a sleepover with all your besties—what are you most excited for?


Your friend just got some bummer news. What do you do to cheer her up?


Your Instagram Story is typically filled with...


Your idea of #RelationshipGoals is...


If you had to choose, what would your life motto be?