Quiz - Which Degrassi: Next Class character are you?

Degrassi: Next Class season four *just* premiered on Netflix, and we are already so obsessed! Have you ever wondered which character's personality matches yours? Take the quiz below to find out!

Photo credit: Degrassi WikiaThe Hollywood Reporter and GIPHY.


You get invited to a *secret* party, but your BFF doesn't. You:


You and your friends are going to a concert. You get to the door, and–whoops!–you forgot your ticket at home! Luckily, a cute guy is standing by the door and says he can get you inside the venue. You:


Your BFF confides in you that she has been talking to a cute boy who’s her age online. She says that he lives in the same town as you both, and she really wants to meet him. You:


You are Student Council President and accidentally book the LGBTQ club and the Debate Team to meet in the same classroom at the same time. You:


You and this guy Alex dated for a few months and broke up last week. You’ve been feeling really down, and your BFF suddenly reveals that she has feelings for Alex. You: