Quiz - Are you up for a challenge?

Quick! Your BFF just triple dog dared ya to a dance-off in front of your whole class at the Spring Fling. Do ya drop it like it's hot or hide behind the bleachers? Take this quiz to find out if you groove to the edge or play it safe. By: Lisa Mulcahy 

Your gang decides it would be fun to hike Monster Tall peak. When it comes time to lace up your sneaks, what’s your ‘tude?


At I Scream, You Scream, your BFF dares you to finish the world-famous Six-pound Sundae (which nobody has done yet). You guys are sitting with a huge table of buds, all of whom are cheering you on to take the dare. So you…


You’re coming out of Wet Seal when you spot your crush Jack, scarfing cheese fries at the food court. He looks so gorge with cheddar dripping off his chin, you can hardly stand it. Your BFF urges you to go over and say “hi!” What’s your move?


At your family reunion, your Aunt Judy sets up a karaoke machine. You…


Your dad gives you a complete set of “Learn Italian” language tapes for your b-day. What’s your first thought as soon as the wrapping paper comes off?