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EXCLUSIVE! Pressley Hosbach is basically a ray of sunshine in human form (and, tbh, isn't that what we all could use right now?). On a breezy California beach day, the actress, dancer, singer and social media star talks dance dreams, bullying, body image, finding friendships, uncovering her most authentic self and, yep, how you can manifest her total palm trees-and-rainbows energy, too. 

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Dress, $148, Grey State. Necklace, $10 as part of a set, Claire's. Earrings, $20, Luxella Teen. Bracelet, $70, Kate Spade.

Hello, sunshine! ðŸŒ…☮️
Your closet called and it want a trip 1975. With vintage prints, daring denim and flowy frocks, we're ready to bring on the happy vibes and peace signs, bb. 

Every day is swim day ðŸ‘™ðŸš
Look no further for your poolside style inspo bc we're bringing you stunning swimwear that'll make you feel oh-so-confident whether or not you're actually on the water.

Our summer beauty moodboard really *gets* you
Bright lips, fresh skin and cute face stickers? Yes, plz! We're dropping allll the best maximalist looks for summer. BRB, currently manifesting glowy complexions, hot hues and in-your-face accents.

Your ~actually helpful~ guide to flirting
Tip #1: Skip the "heyyy" text (srsly). After crushing on that cutie all year, you finally have the courage to step up to the plate...but your go-to moves have you striking out. That's why we've got over 30 no-fail tips and tricks to help you break the ice with bae.

"Did we just become best friends?"
- You, meeting your new summer soul sister. You know that girl you kinda-sorta love hanging around with? She just might be the Twyla to your Alexis or the Kourtney to your Nini, and you *so* need to get to know her. We've got the guide to the squad to have by your side.

"I helped make a difference when it really counted"
Meet the girl who just might save your life. When the pandemic hit, Sofia, 13, knew she wanted to do something to help. She shares how—and why—she took the huge leap to help scientists perfect a vaccine that will help keep teens safe. 

Let's talk about boobs...
Have something to get off your chest? Boob szn is here, and we're listening to (and answering!) *all* your biggest bod Qs from bras to breakouts to how to handle uncomfy comments. Plus, advice from real teens who've been every size.

Quiz! What's your summer crush status?
Summer love can start off fierce—then fizzle faster than a firework. It can also be sweet, steady and as perfectly predictable as a day by the pool. So what's in store this season? Take this quiz to see if your thing is a fling or the real deal.

Recharge your routine for a complete glow-up
School's out, the world seems a li'l bit brighter…and you finally have the space to breathe again. It's the best time to reset and renew yourself—by polishing up the mini routines that make you your shiny, happy self. 

So we found the vibe you want to channel rn
Are you using these relaxing months to kickstart a fabulous future...or kick back with your greatest gals? There's a scorching strategy that *needs* to be tops on your list this summer—so take our quiz to find the mentality that's right for y-o-u. 

Remember parties? The summer bash is back!
From the no-pool pool party (yes, it's a thing) to the *cutest* DIY outdoor movie theater, upgrade your crew's plans with all the adorbs invites, snacks, activities and so much more. You'll be an expert event host in no time...and we're living for it. 

"I'm an Asian American teen—and I'm scared" 
Since the coronavirus pandemic began, anti-Asian hate crimes have spiked dramatically. And now, after the Atlanta shooting, GL girl Elizabeth, 19, is reckoning with America's (and her own) past...and facing an uncertain future.

Your perfect smoothie? Right this way... 
Life truly is a blender full o' berries when you're whipping up the fruitiest, most delish and (yes) totally nutrient-packed smoothies. Find blender bliss whether you're seeking a wake-up wonder or a post-practice refueling.

Why your sign is about to have the best summer ever
We're 100% ready for some happy, chill energy to come our way—and, thankfully, astrology agrees. Your future is *all* about creating new, exciting connections and diving in on what matters most. What can we say: Good times are written in the stars, beach babe.

Everything you need to watch, read and listen to this summer
Between her starring role in Freeform's twisty new mystery series Cruel Summer and her upcoming music releases, Olivia Holt is owning summer 2021. Also: PRETTYMUCH personally curated our *perfect* beach playlist (and, OMG, we're obsessed with their Smackables EP, too). Plus, we found your newest binge-watch based on your current faves (Love Hamilton or WandaVision? Then you're srsly in luck) and allll the amazing content we heart, from the Space Jam reboot to Season 2 of HSMTMTS (yassss). 

In this issue, you'll also find... 

💸 Turn your passion into the perfect summer hustle
Because who says that working over break has to be boring? From playing with pups to cleaning up your community, we've got 8 easy ways to build your bank while doing what you love.

📸 Quiz! Has social media changed your personality?
Let's be real, most of us have spent a little (read: lot of) extra time scrolling this year. But has your FYP become, like, your *entire* personality? Take our v. easy quiz to find out. 

💞 How to flaunt (or fake) fabulous freckles
Wanna let your freck flag fly? We got the deets from a celeb makeup artist on the secret techniques for making your (real or DIY) spots pop. 

👟 Why working out on your period is a good idea (seriously)
When your flow comes around, it's likely that exercising is low on your sched but, tbh, it's actually one of the best things you can do for your health. We're here with the best routines (and gear!) to beat cramps, fatigue and all those menstrual blahs. 

📝 The ultimate end-of-school bucket list
Boost your grades last-minute, start a friendship scrapbook and get a head start on next year? OK, we're *so* in. 

+ Dear Carol on long-distance friendships
+ 15 reasons we *so* heart our ride-or-die BFFs
+ Should you take a big risk this summer? We have answers
+ Everything you need to know about using sunscreen the right way
+ We picked a beach read for ~every~ aesthetic
+ Allllll the awkward pool party moments 
+ Tons of fun and freebies
...and so much more!



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PAGE 89: Girls' Life Presents...Summer Takeover 2021
+ It's the ultimate sunny season kickoff—and it's all happening May 17-21 on Instagram @girlslifemag. Get all the deets right HERE. ðŸ¥³

Credits: June/July 2021 Cover (Pressley Hosbach): Photographed by Sean Scheidt. Fashion: Photographed by Sean Scheidt. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair and makeup by Maurie Davidson. Swim: Photographed by Sean Scheidt. Summer Beauty: Summer Flirt (Sienna Mae Gomez & Jack Wright): Stop AAPI Hate: Summer Vibe (Avani Gregg, Charli D'Amelio & Madi Monroe): Best Friends: Smoothie: Glow Up: Crush Status: Party: Best Summer Ever: Entertainment: June Giveaway Calendar: July Giveaway Calendar:

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