Check out these smart-girl secrets for great grades...guaranteed


Every August, you make the same back-to-school pledge: This is finally gonna be the year you’ll snag that spot on the honor roll. Then October comes along...and you’re right back to slacking. Sound familiar? Not any more! Rise to the top of your class by sticking to the secrets of smart gals who know exactly how to land awesome grades. Here are five of ’em....

SMART GIRL SECRET #1: Surround yourself with other smarties

We tend to mimic the habits of those around us, so spend time with besties who are into achieving. Don’t have any? Sign up for clubs with an academic twist (think mathletes or your school’s lit mag) or say Y-E-S to that junior honor society invite. Not only will you be super motivated by your ambitious allies, but you’ll have insta-study buds—ones who will focus on their notes and not suggest flipping on the TV. Bonus: Your added extracurrics will look *amazing* on your college apps later on. It’s a win-win-win!

SMART GIRL SECRET #2: Don’t settle for so-so
“A” isn’t for average, so don’t let a tough class lead to blah grades. The truth is, girls at the head of the class aren’t naturally (or magically) good in every single subject. The smart sistahs are the ones who speak up the second they’re feeling unsure. So if you’re struggling with Spanish or can’t quite wrap your brain around real numbers, don’t assume you’ll have to deal with a less- than-stellar grade all quarter. With school, you can’t “fake it ’til ya make it,” so take action now. Talk to your teacher, have your big sis tutor you or set aside some extra study time. Do whatever it takes to help you tackle those extra tough topics early so you can start seeing aces.

SMART GIRL SECRET #3: Go above and beyond
And we don’t mean just by doing the extra-credit assignments or scrounging for bonus points. Smart girls understand the importance of being thorough—and know it’ll help cut down on confusion and errors. So go ahead and take that extra step when it comes to school. Maybe it’s making flashcards for those key dates in world history or looking up words you don’t know in the dictionary as you read The Great Gatsby. Perhaps it’s finishing your Spanish essay the week before it’s due so you can double-check the grammar. Sure, this stuff may seem a tad tedious, but just think: a few extra minutes of your time now = great grades later.

SMART GIRL SECRET #4: Like it or not, you have to carve time for classes

The chicas who wrangle the best grades put in serious effort, even if it means sacrificing some fun. And yes, sometimes that might mean focusing on your French homework on a Friday night instead of going to the football game. Before you roll your eyes,  look at it this way: If you always put school as your priority and stay on top of your to-do list, you’ll avoid the stress overdose that comes with constant procrastination and the inevitable bombed test or subpar project that almost always results from waiting ’til the last second. So power down the distractions and spend some QT with your notes and books. When you’re done? Pencil in some hang time with your buds—you’ve earned it.

SMART GIRL SECRET #5: See the big picture
One phrase you’ll never hear the valedictorian utter? “Ugh, when am I ever going to use this?!” Smart girls know the lessons they learn now will affect their options down the road. Yep, dissecting a worm might seem totally dumb. But, hey, you’ve gotta learn how to do it if you decide you wanna be a doctor, right? Algebra may be tough for you, but mastering it will inevitably boost your SAT score and might even help you get into a solid college. Challenge yourself to take honors classes. Pay attention when your teacher is droning on about Latin roots. Test your skills in the real world by nabbing an internship. It’s your future...why not make it fab?


What are your smart-girl secrets? Share them below!


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016