Exclusive: Bea Miller explains what "Fire N Gold" means to her

As Radio Disney's newest NBT artist (aka their Next Big Thing), Bea Miller is all over the radio waves.
Her new album, Not An Apology, dropped just last month, (it's basically amazing if you haven't heard) and now she's ready to dish on one of the songs she loves best.

We've had "Fire N Gold," Bea's most recent single, on repeat basically since we first heard it, and now Bea's ready to share the full scoop on the song, including why it's her favorite to perform at concerts.

Watch Bea give the full details below.

We love how Bea always encourages her fans to be themselves and be okay with how they're feeling no matter what. She's always just what we need to hear.  

What's your favorite track from Bea's Not An Apology? Are you as obsessed with "Fire N Gold" as we (and Radio Disney) are?

Photo credit: Bea Miller


by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016