Star Signs

Your perfect summer project, based on your star sign

Whether you're looking for a fun goal to take on for the summer or simply trying to find something to fill in those dog days (what day is it again?), there's a right project for you. If you've been stumped about what to put on that bucket list, we got you, GF. Based on your zodiac sign, here's the *perf* summer activity for you—it's simply written in the stars. 

Aries: Try out a new sport

For the Aries girlies, we challenge you to take on a new sport this summer. Because you tend to be bold and a little competitive, channeling this fiery energy into a game of pickleball or volleyball might just be the move...

Taurus: Painting

As a Taurus, you tend to be in alignment with your surroundings. Because of your patient and resilient persona, painting is *the* project for you. Get out a canvas and some paint brushes and take in the beauty of the natural world around you!

Gemini: Learn a new language

Geminis are intellectually curious and quick to adapt to new material. Take advantage of the summertime and commit to learning a new language. Duolingo is your new BFF!

Cancer: Host a picnic/dinner party

Cancers, we can always depend on you for comfort and peace. Because you heart small projects and staying in, we suggest putting together a cute picnic or dinner party for your closest friends and family. Put those party-planning skills to work!


Leo: Take dance lessons

Leos are some of the most vivacious and artistic people out there. We challenge you to try out a new medium of expression, like dance! Whether it's taking lessons, following YouTube tutorials or simply making TikToks with your bsfs, you'll be feeling yourself in no time.

Virgo: TBR marathon

Yep, remember that endless TBR list you started in the new year? Summer's the perfect time to get reading! Because you tend to be detail-oriented and analytical, digging into some enlightening reads will be right up your alley. 


Libra: Write a book/short story

Libras, it's time to put your idealistic fantasies and love for relationships on paper. Take some time to use your bold creativity by writing a story! Because you have a special skill at reading people and communicating, we're expecting some *major* character developments. 

Scorpio: Yoga and pilates

Hey Scorpios! We know you take pride in your independence and intuition, so trying out yoga or pilates is just the summer project for you. Getting in touch with your body, finding inner balance and reaching a peace of mind? Count us in. 

Sagittarius: Find new hiking spots

For the Sagittarius girlies with adventurous souls, you're always looking for new experiences and excursions. This summer, hike a new trail every week (or more, if you're really up for it!). It's an *amaze* opportunity to explore new aspects of nature—perfect for you tree-huggers! 


Capricorn: Volunteer for a good cause

Capricorns, we know you're super hardworking and focused on improving yourself (you go, GF!). But this summer, we challenge you to bring out the generous side of you to volunteer at a local animal shelter, church or hospital!

Aquarius: Plan a day trip

As an Aquarius, you love exploring and innovating. Whether it's traveling to a nearby city or beach town, you'd love trying all the new activities, yummy eats and scenery it has to offer. Remember, summer's *the* opportunity to let your free spirit roam free!

Pisces: Beachcombing

For all you Pisces out there, you find peace in being with the natural world and connecting with yourself. Beachcombing is the perfect activity for you to satisfy your curiosity and detail-oriented personality. Not to mention, any seashells you come across would make the cutest gifts for your loved ones!


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Slider and top image: @megan_blair


by Anne Chen | 5/30/2024