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13 ways to live out your Swiftie summer dreams

Not a lot going on at the moment? Think again. We hereby present your bucket list (Taylor's Version), inspired by the woman who basically invented standing in a nice dress & staring at the sunset.

1. Host a BFF bonfire.

Instead of burning pics of your exes (valid), why not start with burning marshmallows?

2. Ride shotgun with your hair undone.

Imagine you're in a new Maserati... or a getaway car.

3. Smell the salt air.

If you can't swing a timeshare down in Destin, we'll also accept rewatching The Summer I Turned Pretty.

4. Curl your hair.

We're down bad for the timeless 'do of the Debut days.

5. Toss pennies in a pool.

Taylor teaches us to romanticize our lives, and that means wishing on every fountain, eyelash and shooting star.

6. Dress like a hipster.

Those distressed, high-waisted shorts at the back of your drawer? You are getting back together.

7. Polish up real nice.

Best believe that this summer, you're rocking those bejeweled sunnies.

8. Cook breakfast at midnight.

Trust us, French toast and bacon taste even better in the refrigerator light.

9. Take your book to a shady spot.

It doesn't have to be Centennial Park (your backyard will do). Extra points for a Tay-approved title like Gatsby.

10. Go one step further than friendship bracelets.

Snag some colorful cardstock and decorate matching paper rings with the squad.

11. Write a love poem (or a tortured one).

Opt for a quill, fountain or glitter pen—bc who uses typewriters anyway?

12. Attend a concert.

Even if you're not Eras Tour-bound, Tay fans appreciate a stellar live performance.

13. Dance like no one's watching.

Acceptable locations include a parking lot, around your room when the night ends or, ofc, in a storm in your best dress.

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by GL | 6/13/2024