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How to romanticize your summer staycation

What time is it? Summertime!

While the warm weather and summer vibes are *everything* we need rn, it can be hard to refrain from comparing your summer to the glamorous vacays all over Instagram. (Which, BTW, can be totally unrealistic.)

No expensive European vacay this summer? No problem! Who says you can't romanticize your backyard and local haunts? 

Visit local scenery


While this is not only a great way to get a good weather workout in and take yourself on a date, it's also a fun way to become familiar with your local town or city. Think: totally aesthetic IG pics with a fresh, summery backdrop.

Got a little hiking trail right by your school? A new coffee shop open down the street from your hairdresser? Go explore, girl!

Be a main character


Nothing screams "romanticizing your summer staycation" like being your own movie main character in your town! Put on a cute fit and visit your local coffee shop before hitting the bookstore and record shop. Who says you can't pretend you're part of a 2000s teen indie movie searching for your next mysterious crush?

Pro tip: Researching local vintage stores, coffee shops or even small businesses gives all the It girl vibes.

Start a read-a-thon


Got a TBR list that's piling up? Tbh, us too. Beginning a read-a-thon is the perf way to get through your list while also passing the time! Grab your lineup, a comfy blanket and your fave snacks to work through that collection.

Plus, you can totally take your new books to the places you've explored, or spend a day in a local park with your book and snacks. It makes for the *perfect* solo date or a bestie book club outing with your BFFs.

Watch a new feel-good show or movie


You know that feeling you get when you leave the movie theater and totally romanticize every aspect of your life? Recreate that same feeling this summer with a new movie or TV show to binge! (We highly recommend any feel-good, girlhood movies. Like, all the Barbie vibes.)

Don't want to stay cooped up inside a theater indoors? Bring your movie outside with a little DIY outdoor theater.

Happy summertime, loves!

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by Sophie LaBella | 6/15/2024