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The cutest ways to celebrate Leap Day

Leap Day is here for the first time in what seems like forever. And instead of letting it pass like any other day, we have a few ways to make this rare day into a celebration. Srsly, why not make the bonus hours this year a little bit more fun? Try something new, indulge in some extra self-care or get outside, because this year, we have one more day for all things Y-O-U.

An extra day of self-care


This Leap Day, spend your extra 24 hours with a touch (or more) of self-care. Reach for your fave face mask or DIY one right at home. And don't worry about not being productive, because today's hours basically count as a bonus (which means it's the perfect excuse to treat yourself).

Hit the trails


Leap your way to your nearest hiking spot. For a little extra celebration, pack a picnic (something along the lines of chocolate-covered strawberries and finger sandwiches) for your final destination. 

Write a letter to future Leap Day you


Where do you picture yourself in four years? How will you be spending your Leap Day in 2028? While you may not know, write a letter today for future you. Tell your 2028 self all about what you are up to this Leap Day and who you are in 2024. After you finish, put it somewhere you will remember, and in four years, open it to see how far you've come!

Bake a Leap Day treat


If we have an extra day, why not spend it snacking on a yummy treat? Try to bake a new cupcake flavor or revisit your fave recipe. Bonus points if your treat resembles the Leap Day mascot—a frog, ofc. Try out a vanilla cupcake with green, frog-shaped frosting or blend up your own green Shamrock Shake. 

Watch Leap Day


Who knew there was a movie for *literally* every holiday? We love a good Amy Adams film, and this one is perfect for Feb. 29. Grab your besties and some snacks and get ready for this apropos movie. This film follows Anna, who is hoping for a proposal from her boyfriend. But after a few years of nothing, she decides to follow him to Dublin and ask him to marry her. 

Just try something new!

Reminder! This day only happens every four years, so take it as a reason to try something new. Whether it's switching up your brekkie to try a new pancake recipe, buying a new book or changing up your entire routine. You have one extra day this year, meaning one extra day to spend however you want!

Top image: @avajules_
Slider image: @haleypham


by Katherine Mahoney | 2/29/2024