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Everything you need to know about girl mossing

Girlboss culture has been a cultural mainstay for years, but all this hustle is making us feel a bit too wired...and a bit too tired.

While we all recognize the importance of working hard and being successful in all of our endeavors, taking time to unplug and recenter yourself is just as important. It's okay to put the papers down and put the laptops away so you can focus on frolicking in the forest or lounging on rocks by riverbanksand the latest aesthetic is perfect for doing just that. 


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What is girl mossing?

Girl mossing is a new term that is a more positive derivative of the term "girl rot," which originated on TikTok. (ICYMI, girl rot refers to the state a girl enters when she's "rotting away" in bed for a prolonged period of time.

Girl moss blends girl rot with wellness, unplugging and the ethereal vibes of the cottagecore aesthetic. It's also a tongue-in-cheek reference to girl bossing and rejects the daily grind in favor of a more unplugged and outdoorsy lifestyle.

How to girl moss

So, how exactly does one girl moss? Girl mossing prioritizes wellness and simplicity with a huge emphasis on reconnecting with all things nature.

Try pairing a mindful activity (like meditation) with a slow-paced outdoor activity like a nature walk or a long, quiet hike. Invite your BFF and have a mini scavenger hunt while you chat about whatever's on your mind. Going solo? Create some carefully crafted field drawings of all the flora and fauna that catches your eye, or find a cozy spot under a tree or by the water to curl up with the latest fantasy novel

Regardless of the activity, the most important facet of being a moss girl is unplugging, as well as using nature as a sanctuary for your R&R. Girl mossing is all about limiting screen time, staying off social media and going outside to touch some grass—literally! So consider this your challenge to take 30 minutes this week to do just that.

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by Faith Green | 2/10/2024